TransiCast - a transit service browser

TransiCast - a transit service browser for the Android™ mobile platform.

Get service messages, stops, routes and next bus and train times for North America.

Based on real-time vehicle locations in: San Francisco Bay Area (SFMTA, BART, AC Transit, Emery Go-Round), Portland (TriMet, Streetcar), Los Angeles (Metro Bus and Rail, Translink, Beeline), Boston (The T), Chicago, Washington (Metro Rail and Bus, D.C. Circulator), Oaho, Reno, NCTD, Laval, New York (Staten Island Bus, Downtown Connection), Salt Lake City, Toronto and Pinellas County. TransiCast also covers the universities at Rutgers, Rutgers Newark, Western Kentucky, UC Davis, Cal of Pennsylvania, UMD, Georgia College, Oxford, Temple and the MIT, as well as the communities of Charles River and Charm City.

Out now: TransiCast 3.11

Getting Started

It takes only a few basic interactions with TransiCast's map view. Search for stops on the map, navigate using the map controls, and rotate overlapping stop labels. Tap a stop label to display the next bus and train times. Use the Back button to navigate to the previous selection.
Tap a departure or route label to filter a route, and call Board from the application menu to show the next stop while riding the route.

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Inside TransiCast

The TransiCast mobile app does not store transit data on the device. Instead, the TransiCast mobile app calls TransiCast's innovative Transit Data Server to query routes, stops and the latest next bus and train times. The Transit Data Server is a web server that aggregates real-time feeds and static schedule data provided by transit agencies to the public. This allows TransiCast to deliver up to date data without the need to update the mobile app whenever a new schedule is released. TransiCast also provides a seamless experience to the user: Travelers who ride San Francisco's BART and Muni, or Boston buses and the subway can acccess real-time next bus and train times through a single app.

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