Bookmarks and Composite Filters

TransiCast bookmarks are inspired by web browser bookmarks. In TransiCast, bookmarks are used to save and recall stop selections and destination filters. Bookmarks are also used to for composite filters. Use composite filters when multiple routes service a transit stop along a shared corridor.
The Bookmarks menu opens the following sub-menu:

bookmark dialog

A bookmark consists of the following elements:

The following sections describe how to create, compose and manage bookmarks.

Creating a Bookmark

Bookmarks are created for a selected stop. When a bookmark is created, TransiCast first finds the bookmarks that have previously been created for the selected stop. This list is displayed below the "New bookmark" item. There are two choices:

The following screenshot shows a selected stop and destination filter for the "E Burnside & NE M L King" stop.

create bookmark

Selecting a Bookmark

Bookmarks are selected from previously created bookmarks. The following screenshot shows an example of a list of previously created bookmarks.

select bookmark
The "E Burnside & NE M L King" stop has a composite filter consisting of two filter destinations, and an alarm horizon of four minutes. The "Skidmore Fountain MAX Station" has no destination filters, and the refresh cycle is six minutes. Both bookmarks call the Transit Data Server "". When a bookmark is selected, the values of the Transit Data Server and refresh cycle are updated, and the destination filters are applied to the bookmarked stop. The following screenshot shows the map view after selecting the "E Burnside & NE M L King" stop.

selected bookmark

Clearing a Bookmark

When Clear bookmark is selected from the bookmarks dialog, the list of current bookmarks is displayed. Tapping on a bookmark deletes the bookmark.

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