Location Based Next Stop Tracking

TransiCast 3.0 introduces a complete redesign of location based next stop tracking. Location based next stop tracking is now based on the sequence of stops of a selected route. There are two ways to select and display a route:

When a route is displayed, TransiCast's main menu switches the Search Stops menu to Board. Select Board, and TransiCast calls the pre-selected location provider to determine the device location. Location providers are selected in the Android™ settings. If no location provider is active, TransiCast displays a message box that contains a Turn on button. Select Turn on to call Android™ settings to activate a location provider, preferrably GPS. Please note that GPS relies on the visibility of satellites. It only works in surface vehicles.

As the Android™ device moves along the route, TransiCast determines the approach to the next stop, and displays the stop. If announcements are turned on in the TransiCast settings, the stop in approach is also announced through Android™'s Text-to-speach feature.

The screenshot below shows next stop tracking in action, on route F of SFMTA in San Fransisco. In this example, the vehicle approaches the "Market St and Battery St" stop of route F.

Next stop

Select Deboard from the main menu to turn off next stop tracking.

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