Release Notes

/V3 of the TransiCast API has been released, with the following additions to /V2:


Departure trip IDs and service vehicle IDs have been added to the arrivals query.


Parent stations and their children

The concept of parent stations in GTFS is now reflected in the stop query. Children stops include a parent tag that identifies the parent's stop ID, as provided by the original data feed. Parents include a listing of their children stops. Parents have no route associations, therefore next bus and train times cannot be called with a parent's stop ID.

Stop location_type and URL

Stop location_type and URL from the originating feed data have been added to the stop query.

Route List

Patterned (skip stop) routes flag

The patterned flag was introduced to identify patterned (skip stop) routes.

Route Details


Transfer opportunities to other routes have been added to the route details query. This includes routes of agencies other than the agency of the queried route. Transfers are through stops that lie within a 350m radius from the stop on the route.

Query by trip ID

Route details can be queried by trip ID. This is useful to query stop patterns on patterned (skip stop) routes.

Compatibility with /V2

Request and response formats of /V3 are backwards compatible with /V2. TransiCast continues to provide the /V2 format both in requests and responses. There are no plans or timelines to end-of-life /V2.

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